Navigating your marketing and public relations in Indonesia amidst the pandemic


The corona pandemic severely hit Indonesia, affecting all layers of businesses and societies. This novel virus has caused an unprecedented situation. The imminent thing to do is to survive. Although technology, healthcare, entertainment, and gaming industries are thriving, some are at pitfalls. Those that are not in favorable conditions must explore ways to survive, reinventions even to the extreme, pivots.

When companies have discovered the right measure to survive, two of the most crucial aspects in business operations; marketing and public relations to follow and support. These two play significant roles to say the least, to ensure that the companies’ brands are still on the radar amid the noises, dominant attention on the virus, and the weakening economy. Now the question, how shall we navigate the marketing and public relations approaches? 

From the marketing and public relation perspective, let’s start with what has changed?

The pandemic yields a new behavior in interaction. Pre-pandemic marketing and public relations approaches are not suitable, especially those that need physical interactions.  Audiences' attention fluctuates as the pandemic progresses. Companies must be agile in positioning themselves among their target markets.

What remains and where the opportunity is?

Customers still give attention especially at the present when smartphones, laptops, smart TVs are with them all the time, presumably the only source of information and entertainment. 

Marketing mainly wants to achieve brand awareness. To simply put it, companies must consider content-driven marketing with relevant angles and formats, using the right channels - subject to their target markets. Meanwhile, public relations strives to maintain reputation and relationships with stakeholders. Come up with relevant PR programs that demonstrate corporate’s unique positioning during this circumstance, stay relevant, be efficient, be sensitive and be meaningful in engaging with your stakeholders. For media relations, consider new approaches, attractive PR packages, let go of the outdated press release formats, and make your virtual press events feel more than just a video conference. 

"Know the objective, stay relevant, engage, be efficient, meaningful, and  sensitive."

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